Polymetallic deposit mine “Rudnik”, Rudnik mountain and the mining town Rudnik...




The ore is transported by trucks to crude ore bunker on Flotation...


ISO Standards

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We are proud owners of 3 ISO standards (ISO 9001, 14001, 18001).


Ivana Ilic in the Serbian team for the Balkan Youth Championship

Owing to her exceptional results in this part of the season, a young athlete, Ivana Ilic, has been invited to join the Serbian team for the following Balkan Youth Championship, which is due in Istanbul on 3 June.


28 April – World Day for Safety and Health at Work

In the organization of the Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs – the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, 28 April, the World Day for Safety and Health at Work, was marked in the gallery of Radio Television Serbia. After the presentation of the ''28 April'' awards – national recognitions, the guests were addressed by the managing director of company Rudnik, Aco Ilic, who spoke about the European award received at an international competition organized by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work.

Company Rudnik receives an international award

At an international competition of the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work,  as part of a campaign entitled Healthy Workplaces for All Ages, company Rudnik i flotacija Rudnik doo received, in the field of safety and health at work, a prestigious award of the European Commission on the topic of Comprehensive Implementation of Safe and Healthy Work for All Employees with Constant Application of and Amendments to the Risk Assessment Act.


Darko Vukobratovic receives the "Takovski ustanak" gold medal

At the Municipal Assembly session marking the Gornji Milanovac Municipality Day, held in the Cultural Centre on April 23, Mr Darko Vukobratovic, the owner of company Rudnik i flotacija Rudnik doo, was presented, on behalf of the citizens and municipality of Gornji Milanovac, the "Takovski ustanak" (Second Serbian Uprising) gold medal.


Contango d.o.o.

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Contango d.o.o. was founded on 15/09/2003.

The company was founded with the intention to engage in the trade of metals and their concentrates, as well as the final products of metal sector, as the core activity.

Cultural Center

Closing of VII Serbian Independent Off Film Festival IMAGE
The third day of VII Independent Film Festival at the Cultural Centre of Rudnik saw the programme continue, then the award ceremony and the closing of the event were...   Read More...