Polymetallic deposit mine “Rudnik”, Rudnik mountain and the mining town Rudnik...




The ore is transported by trucks to crude ore bunker on Flotation...


ISO Standards

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We are proud owners of 3 ISO standards (ISO 9001, 14001, 18001).


To the children with love

Today the New Year manifestation "To the children with love" took place in Rudnik.  At 11.30 the Christmas trees were decorated, and at noon the New Year performance of pupils of the Primary School "Arsenije Loma" was organized in the Cultural Centre in Rudnik.

After the finished performance the children's New Year bazaar and the delivery of New Year parcels to all children in Rudnik followed, with serving of food, fireworks and a musical programme.
The manifestation was organized by the Primary School "Arsenija Loma", the children's parents and the company Rudnik.

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Contango d.o.o.

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Contango d.o.o. was founded on 15/09/2003.

The company was founded with the intention to engage in the trade of metals and their concentrates, as well as the final products of metal sector, as the core activity.

Cultural Center

Mining on Rudnik throughout Prehistory, Classical Period and Middle Ages IMAGE
On August 4th 2018, official opening of the exhibition "Mining on Rudnik throughout Prehistory, Classical Period and Middle Ages" was organised at the gallery of the...   Read More...